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About Us

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When Howard Stern announced in 2005 that he was going
to Sirius Satellite in 2006 I was bummed because I was
not going to pay for radio when I can hear it for free.
But I ended up getting Sirius and instantly I knew that this was BETTER than regular radio and it is worth $13/month.
Then on March 1, 2007 Howard interviewed the inventor
of satellite radio, Martine Rothblatt.
This hour long interview was the most intelligent interview
that I have ever heard on the Howard Stern Show.
Martine also claims to have invented a cure for her
daughter's potentially fatal, pulmonary hypertension and she also discussed tiny satellites that will be inserted into a human body and travel to the brain to download info from it.  The tiny satellite would then be placed in your clone, travel up to your clone's brain and upload your brain data!  Can you believe it?  Martine said this should be feasible in about 2027.
I am really impressed by Martine.
Roy Hooper